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The soil is the most important element of any farming enterprise. It is our natural capital and must be cherished, not abused.


Correct fertility does not stop in the soil. It transfers to pastures crops and animals. Experience superior stock health and performance.

Case Studies

Read what enlightened farmers have experienced when they have changed from short-term fertiliser “fixes” to long term problem solving.

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Welcome To Kiwi Fertiliser

We specialise in bringing top soil fertility to all and any farmers and growers, New Zealand-wide.
It is our aim to change the face of New Zealand agriculture which requires huge improvements.
We exist because some of the fertiliser companies have failed to deliver real fertility to farmers, who demand and deserve better treatment.
Soil fertility is not about selling products the fertiliser companies produce. It is about meeting the exact requirements tailor made for each property, or parts of properties.
We make recommendations from soil tests sent to USA. The results we get are outstanding.

Want real fertility results on your farm? Contact us today and request a soil audit.

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