Your growing system can be more than organic - it can be regenerative!

Kiwi Fertiliser in conjunction with Chaos Springs and MyNOKE Compost are proud to host US soil ecologist Molly Haviland for this very special 1-day workshop in Whangarei.

Molly runs her own soil building consultancy, Haviland Earth Regeneration, and has studied directly under Dr Elaine Ingham of Soil Food Web Inc. You can expect to come away with lots of fantastic knowledge and skills, including:

* The benefits of thermal and worm composting in modern eco-agriculture

* Enhancing plant productivity through cultivation, identification, and documentation of soil organisms

* How to take your farm to the next level and increase pasture production by eliminating chemical inputs and applying soil friendly fertiliser inputs

* Converting barn waste and manure into fertiliser through correct composting procedures

* Efficient use of effluent as fertiliser from effluent ponds with the correct pH

Come along to this information packed 1-day workshop and find out how you can create properly balanced soils and a diverse soil food web, and get these kinds of benefits:

* Plant productivity reaching full potential
* Disease resistance
* Nutrient retention
* Nutrient cycling
* Water retention
* Soil stabilisation
* Reduction of weeds
* Toxin breakdown
* Less reliance on bought in bagged Nitrogen
* Carbon sequestration

Cost: $200 inc GST
Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea are all included.

Contact Ron McLean from Kiwi Fertiliser for more information and to register:
P: 0800 549 433

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